Ubuntu Internet Speed Test Through The Terminal

If you want to know how fast the internet speed you are using, you can test online for example on the website speedtest.net. Indeed this site is already commonly used for media testing and be rujuakn comparison speed of internet users all over the world. But sometimes if the connection has a lembat it would be very difficult to open the site.

For all of you linux users ubuntu, it turns out we can do test internet speed using the command line interface (CLI) on the terminal. This way of course profitable, because we do not need to be hard to open the web page speedtest.net. Only place orders on your linux terminal then straight way. So you can do a speed test linux terminal ewat then you must install the cli speedtest-module integrated with the mini speedtest server.

In order to install the speedtest cli-all you need is the package python-pip. Make sure the tool is already terintstal on ubuntu, but if you have not installed please install python-pip through the software manager or by entering commands in the terminal with your linux terminal:
sudo apt-get install python-pip

After that please stables speedtest-cli through the terminal with the command type as follows:
sudo pip install speedtest-cli

If the installation is successful, the time trials. To do a simple speed test, you can use the command as follows:

When you want to share the results of speedtest.net will be provided an additional image URL that can be shared, by entering the following command:
speedtest --share

For other commands are inclined more advance can be seen with the following command:
speedtest -h

So this brief post i.e. how to test internet speed via the command line terminal on linux ubuntu you, may be useful for you.

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