Ubuntu Monitor Network Usage Part 1

From the title's been predictably if nagios is used to monitor a network system or configure it the way IT helped wear operating system ubuntu version 12.04 LTS. For more details about nagios and how to configure it, let's check out the sentences below:

There are many tools used to perform the monitoring network such as SNMP and MRTG, and CACTI.

Nagios network monitoring tool is the rest which is open source and has a utility of bandwidth. Application of network monitoring based open source has several advantages, namely:
  • Free, his ability is not much different with paid apps
  • Soerce code is distributed freely to the public so as to continue to undergo development and improvement

Nagios has a default alert to elements that are monitored so as to enable the existence of a repair before the crash on the system. Simple plugin design is also so the user is easier to check out the services provided.

With nagios lets an organization can identify and resolve the problem before the problem the IT infrastructure being fatal and affects business processes.

  • to monitor hosts and services has been established,
  • warning if things deteriorate and tell when the situation improves.
  • fix problems that are detected automatically,
  • Infrastructure upgrades before outdated (obsolete system) causes a failure,
  • responding to the problem of early signs of problems,
  • Coordinate responses to the technical team
  • monitor network service such as SNMP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, PING, etc.
  • monitoring of host resources such as processor load, disk usage, etc.
  • defines the events that were handled during the ongoing servicing to simplify troubleshooting.
  • ensure the SLA (Service Level Agreement) are met
  • monitor your entire IT infrastructure to ensure systems, applications, services function properly
Shortage of nagios that is must enter the device who will manually dimonitoring. and unable to generate bandwidth usage activity history.

System requirement
  • Nagios can be run on Linux/Unix, and C compilers
  • use a TCP/IP network

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