Ubuntu Network Config File

File sharing between computers with Linux operating systems using the NFS
Setting Network File Sharing (NFS) on Ubuntu Linux
Setting Network File Sharing in Ubuntu Linux is necessary if you want to share or share files or folders with other computers. Especially if the other computers that use the linux OS as well, if you just want to share files with other computers yg ber windows OS, then you need the Samba File Sharing which I will discuss in the next Linux Tutorials on this Blog. Well, this is her way of Setting Network File Sharing (NFS) in Ubuntu Linux:

Setting Network File Sharing use of NFS – Server-side/Host

Install The NFS Package
$ sudo apt‐get install nfs‐kernel‐server
$ sudo apt‐get install nfs‐common portmap

2. The configuration package portmap
$ sudo dpkg‐reconfigure portmap

3. Edit the /etc/exports file using gedit editor
$ sudo  gedit/etc/exports


- /home/ubuntu > > folder location to be shared
- > > IP client can access the shared folder ( –
- (rw, no_root_squash, async) > > Permissions attribute, in this case the full use of the read write

to access read only the use of just one Client, insert the following parameters
/home/ubuntu (ro, async)

4. Restart and enable the NFS Server
#sudo /etc/init.d/nfs‐kernel‐server restart
#sudo exportfs ‐a

Setting Network File Sharing - NFS - on the Client side

1. Install the NFS Client Package
#sudo apt‐get install portmap nfs‐common

2. Configure portmap package
#sudo dpkg‐reconfigure portmap

3. Create a local folder to mount shared folders on the server
#sudo mkdir /media/data

4. Mount the shared folder on the server manually to a local folder
#sudo mount /home/ubuntu  /media/data

Notes: >> ip address NFS server
/home/ubuntu  >> Shared folder pada NFS server
/media/data  >> mount point pada Client 

5. Restart portmap dan NFS Client
#sudo /etc/init.d/portmap restart
#sudo /etc/init.d/nfs‐common restart 

6. Edit the file/etc/fstab to automount on boot time
#sudo gedit  /etc/fstab

Insert the following parameters  /media/Data  nfs  rw,hard,intr   0   0

Up to this point you should already be sharing or sharing files and folders with your computer

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