Ubuntu Resource Monitor

Sometimes we want to know how big the hardware resources (processor, memory, etc.) used in our computers. If you are using Ubuntu, there are several ways to display information the use of these resources:

System Monitor
If you use Ubuntu Desktop based GUI, you can view it by using System Monitor. To run it,
(1) click the Dash in the top left
(2) search with the keyword "monitor"
(3) click the icon "System Monitor"

TOP Command
If you use a console (not using a GUI), or access your computer remotely using SSH for example, of course you can not display System Monitor. But of course there are other solutions. First, you can use the TOP command. Following is the display of the TOP command output:

HTOP Command
Of course it is a bit difficult to read let alone understand the TOP command output above. Fortunately the HTOP command though it is text-based, but colored and are equipped with any other additional features.

You can install HTOP by way of entering commands on your linux terminal:
sudo apt-get install htop

After you successfully install HTOP, then you can run it by way of entering commands in the terminal of linux you further.

As you can see, the use of CPU and memory are described with a simple bar graph so that it is easier for us to observe the percentage CPU usage or memory.

Thus the number of ways to display information of the use of resources in the Ubuntu operating system. May be useful.

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