Ubuntu Server 32 Bit Downloads ?

How to get the master installer of Ubuntu?
The answer is very easy indeed, access ubuntu.com the official site of the developer of Ubuntu. This property There are two alternative options that can be used to obtain the Ubuntu installer that is by how to download the ISO file or CD Ubuntu Free (Shipit), the following explanation of both ways.

Download the ISO file of Ubuntu
In general the master GNU/Linux distros are provided in ISO format file is a compressed format in the form of image files. Specifically for Ubuntu can be Downloaded on the official WEBSITE. ISO file provided categorized in several sections, namely:

Ubuntu Desktop
Intended for desktop computers including laptops and the like unless the netbook. In fact this type of circumstance the desktop can run well on netbooks. Required memory with capacity of at least 256 MB for installing this version, to run with both from the experiences of the author should memory above 512 MB. Each version of the Ubuntu Desktop is divided in two categories based on the type of microprocessor:

Ubuntu 32-bit Desktop
If you are using intel mikroprocessor output type then you should download. Ubuntu Desktop 32-bit also called x 86 or i386 which i was referring to the code name of intel. This type is also
used for AMD 32 bit.

Ubuntu Desktop 64-bit
If you are using a 64 bit AMD output mikroprocessor be sure to download this type. Applies also to the type of architecture such as EM64T Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon and Core 2

Ubuntu Server
Reserved for server-class computers and without the support of the environment Grafical User Interface (GUI) by default. Ubuntu server comes with environmental Command Line Interface (CLI) by default. If you have already installed Ubuntu Server never again looking for a graphical display. This type is available in two categories such as versioned Ubuntu Desktop IE Ubuntu Server 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu Server.

The Ubuntu Alternate
If you have memory under 256 MB with hardware specs are mediocre should use the Ubuntu Alternate as a solution because of the installation process are presented in text mode menu. In addition with the alternate CD, upgarde version of Ubuntu can be done without the need to have internet connection keserver Ubuntu. This type is available in two categories as other Ubuntu i.e. Ubuntu diversion alternate 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu alternate

Ubuntu Netbook
Intended for the netbook available versions are:

NetBook live CD

If your netbook has a externel CD drives for use in live/install cd. There is no difference for these type of version because it already supports intel/amd and other types.

NetBook live image

Available for ARM platforms, consisting of:
- Marvell Dove netbook live image
- Freescale i. MX51 netbook live image
Both of these types only support booting with usb image

Common errors that occur when a newbie who has downloaded one ISO file i.e. CD Ubuntu that has been diburn can't do the boot process since ISO file diburn as data files that should have to be diburn as an image file.

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