Ubuntu Show Network Devices

Network Manager in ubuntu or backbox is an applet that set the network connection in Ubuntu, usually joining the "Notification Area". One of the functions of the Network Manager is to make it easy for users of Ubuntu to connect a computer to the Internet, either via a wi-fi network, modem or the other. But sometimes the Ubuntu users are experiencing cases of loss of Network Manager icon from the "Notification Area". This of course troublesome, especially for those who frequently utilizes this applet to connect to the Internet.

For those who experience this problem don't rush to reinstall the operating system, because it still can be resumed in the following way, let's get right to the subject:

1. Please open terminal linux ubuntu and then typing a command like below:

After that then the wifi icon on linux ubuntu you will again appear, good luck.

Every problem there is always a way out, if you are having things like this do as above, please comment below.


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