Ubuntu Shred Hard Drive With Shred Tools

In Windows, I use the free eraser tool "Eraser" to remove the hard drive but after that, I am also looking for some similar tools that I will use on ubuntu linux, but I can not find tools like Eraser. Apparently however, that such functionality is built into an operating system, although only the command line. Here is an example of a command with an explanation:
# shred -vfz -n 100 /dev/hda

Here's what happened.
  • "#"sign is a command.
  • "Shred" is a command to tell the operating system you want, its task not only deleted all files on the drive but also to over-write the files with random bits.
  • "F" in the "-vfz" command forces writing by changing the permissions on your drive wherever you are needed.
  • "Z" in command "-vfz" writes zeros to your drive.
  • The command "-n" is followed by a number ("100" in the example above). This will tell the operating system how many times it can to write random data to your drive.

The more often you write down the data you have on the drive, the less likely it is that someone can recover your files again. Writing down your data 100 times may seem excessive; 3 to 5 times is how many times you normally write through data using Eraser. Finally, the "/ dev / hda" part of the command tells the computer to remove the drive.

If you delete your primary drive, then you need to boot into Ubuntu by using the live disc and then open the terminal and type the above command. But If not, the main hard drive will be where the operating system is running, which means you will not be able to issue commands.

There are also apparently, disc images that you can download that make the main drive tapping quite easy namely: "Darik's Boot" and "Nuke" or "DBAN". It's basically the same as booting using a live disc, but the only purpose of DBAN is to remove the drive.

If you delete an external drive, you only need to know its drive letter and then you can redeem it on the command (eg "/ dev / hdc" or "/ dev / hds"). You can find this out by looking at the "dev" folder or by using gparted as well. Make sure you get the right drive; You do not want to try removing your primary drive because of a lot of important information inside it.

Why do you want to delete your files safely? Here's why: just deleting files on the hard drive does not mean someone can no longer recover them. Since I have recovered files that have been deleted from the hard drive, it just needs a little technical knowledge. Because it's much harder to use EXT4, the Linux file system, but it's pretty easy using NTFS or FAT32. But there are some things you can do to delete files from the hard drive safely enough. What this program does is delete the files on the drive and overwrite the data with random data. You will do this when:

(1) has a file on the drive you deleted so you do not want anyone else able to recover it
(2) You give or sell the hard drive to others and you do not want them to have access to your files. I also do this on a laptop hard drive that I recently sold.

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