Upcoming Ubuntu Phones

Meizu based smartphone Manufacturer in China, has partnered with Canonical, the company behind the peasants of Linux-based operating system, to release latest Ubuntu version of the smartphone.

For lovers of Meizu cell phones, they are hoping that the latest Ubuntu Mobile Meizu has a fairly high profile like Meizu mx4 and Meizu PRO 5.

As reported by from Phonearena mentions that there is a leakage of information gleaned from the latest bug-tracking page Ubuntu which mentions a device with the name code ' Midori '.

Interestingly, all of the Ubuntu OS-based smartphone has a code name taken from their naming pattern of the anime series Dragon Ball, and famous Midori is a fictional character of the anime Dragon Ball. Maybe you still remember with the name code Arale (code name from Meizu mx4) and Turbo (code name from Meizu PRO 5). Obviously this is a pretty hint that Meizu is indeed being started on the latest smartphones based OS Ubuntu with code name "Midori".

Reportedly, the Ubuntu system that will run on the Midori was designed by an engineer software Canonical referenced as "a new handset," without explaining anything more specific. But if it is true that this smartphone is defined as a new device, then it could be the latest generation smartphone Meizu based on Ubuntu this will come with some new features that are unique and "different" from the features that are owned by other Ubuntu-based smartphone.

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