Best Virus Protection for Linux is ClamAV

ClamAV was originally developed as a mail scanner, and there are a lot of configuration and tools to integrate into your local mail server. For the same reason, he also supports many commonly used archive format for email attachments, even though some may have been disabled if you install ClamAV through package distributions. It is not complicated to compile, because the source is well documented, doesn't have a lot of demands in terms of third party libraries and give you a chance to make sure the options that you want join installed.

Once installed, ClamAV is composed of two main parts. Clamscan is a command line tool to scan anything you point. Like most commands, there are a number of switches to control the behavior of and, among other things, this accounts for the flexibility.

The second part to the ClamAV daemon clamd process that runs in the background and can be configured to periodically scan or watch certain places. Like some other software that's included here, can be configured to offer on-access scanning (including, thanks to it being open source, support for the latest version of Dazuko) and there are useful guidelines on how enable this on the site of ClamAV.

The main disappointment with ClamAV is failure to scan the ISO image file correctly. It's a bit confusing, because the software after the ISO file scanning support, although searching through the documentation now reveals there are clues.

As we have a test using the default policy, it would be unfair on other software to mess around too much. Suffice it to say, there doesn't seem to be a simple way to get this to work.

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