Best Virus Protection for Linux is SophosAV

Sophos Anti Virus
United Kingdom-based Sophos has come to be a name known in the world of business-oriented software antivirus. Previous versions of Sophos has appeared in the pages of LXF and fared well, then it's good to see the Sophos continues to support Linux. This software is commercial and there is no free for desktop users, but there is a trial version available. Although the install script valiantly showed that it was trying to build support for kernel access, it is sad to try to build an old 2.x module for Dazuko.

Difficult repescts many developers – they want to support business and server distro, so they've chosen to support 2.x. Unfortunately, 2. x will not work with the latest kernel, so that software will eventually need to support 3.x.

Sophos has an interesting collection of interface. The scan You can be seen and manipulated remotely via the web. As well as the interface to a simple lookup server via HTTP, there is also a module for Webmin Sophos.

Webmin is a web-based tool sysadmin, who for years was a popular way to run a remote machine and the server, so this adds some weight to become an integrated solution Sophos claims and managed.

Run a scan from the shell there is a problem and the client shell fit to be scriptable and run via a cron job at the right time of the day. Although not the fastest at the test, it's not that slow or complicated either.

Unfortunately, something that seemed so big, Sophos virus tests also failed, with the usual don't check in ISO files – which is strange, because the scan took quite a long time.

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