Best Virus Protection for Linux is Avast AV

The jewel of the nautically themed may not be top of your list when you think about antivirus software, but the developer – Czech-based Alwil – antivirus tools has created since 1991, so there's a pedigree here.

This mirror version of Alwil Software Windows in terms of features, and is available for free for personal use. Downloads came from a web site as an RPM, Deb or binary archives for the Linux version and all are pretty easy to install.

As you might expect with a commercially-oriented software, there are a few dependencies, but the GUI does not utilize the GTK library, and the resulting application looks kinda Gnome-like and there is absolutely no different to ClamTk.

Scanning manually by using the graphical user interface, you will see a few extra buttons. Select the thorough option – if you don't, you might as well not bother. This mode does not involve pretty much double the time required to perform the tests, but pay dividends: Avast managed to find all the hidden we fake-virus, despite having to search through an embedded Zip files in the ISO image for complete the set.

A curious follow-up on the theme of the Jolly tar-Jack-they have going is that viruses are quarantined is stored in what they call the chest, which is all very cute once you get the hang of what happened. Handily, you can also save a list of common locations to check out a quick scan.

A command-line tool is simple to use. Run with no options to view the available switches. Very good, it has good control of the supported archive formats (like ClamAV) so if You want to perform a scan of a very specific, this may be the one to choose.

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