Best Virus Protection for Linux is Clamtk Protection

Clamtk is almost the default front-end for clamscan, that even in many who prefer KDE to Gnome often install it, so it must have something to it. When run, this tool will check the current version of himself, ClamAV virus signature files and back-end, showing the results in the status table is easy to understand. Button at the top gives quick access to the functions of a scan, while various options can be turned on and turned off via the switch below. You can choose to use the menu for some operations, but there is not much that can go wrong with a simple client.

One of the noteworthy feature is the log history search, which track each delinquency before and what files were involved, though it does have some features that are useful to other front ends such as ClamAV.

As a front-end for ClamAV's most popular, you will find up to date packages in almost every repository distro that carries ClamAV, though there are quick notes for Fedora users: for some reason this time shows the packages for Fedora 12 It is old and doesn't really work, but you can get RPM is built by the developer on the website of ClamTk.

If you want to build from source, you will need a little more than an up-to-date library of Perl and GTK standard. A new feature is the option to restore your file accidentally may have been quarantined, but then want to let out again. It's hard to imagine this is the top of the ' must have ' list for the user, but on the other hand, these clients small and simple GUI is not lost at all.

Obviously, with one of the graphical client runs on top of ClamAV, resource use rose slightly, but as the standard GTK libraries utilizing ClamTk, it's not really going to add a lot of bills. There is a minimal amount of extra memory is consumed and the difference in speed is not measured, so Perl and GTK is obviously a good decision.

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