Best Virus Protection for Linux

The best anti-virus for Linux Choose antivirus system that suits you depends on a number of factors, not least how much virus is a risk for you. If you are only running a Linux desktop for personal use, may not be a pressing need for you to spend time, money and overhead from clockcycles to check for any files that come near your system.

If you use your Linux box to share files with Windows machines, then there is little more than a point. Also, as we have seen, sometimes it is better to use a command-line tool, for example if you want to build or run the script periodically checks via Cron system.

We were impressed with the capabilities of most of the packages that are included in this Roundup, but was surprised that some of the commercial version seems less effective to find a virus. AVG Software fared very badly.

ClamAV will always be a favorite for Linux users because of the nature of open source, the choice of GTK or KDE GUI and the way that it keeps up to date on a regular basis. As software development is supported by Sourcefire (the company behind the Snort Intrusion detection system and various) cannot be said to be just another project while will be here today and gone tomorrow. Software ClamAV is also popular, which runs on the Windows platform as well.

And the winner is...

In the end, BitDefender has performance and accuracy needed to win. It's not the fastest at the test, but it's also not the slowest. Change the selection makes a big difference to performance, but we would argue that if you want to run antivirus software, you should run it at its most paranoid level available.

BitDefender virus competent find all files, identify them and suggest an appropriate course of action, so it is difficult to see what more can be done. It's easy to use and update to the virus database seems to be okay. Command line application is highly configurable and versatile too, so you can easily organize regular scans.

For those who baulk at the idea of running a virus scanner that takes up most of the screen, there is Avast. This software is a newcomer relative to the Linux scene, but done as well as BitDefender in searching for viruses. It is also easy to use interface and the command-line tool is equally useful.

For fans of heavy music, free software ClamAV is definitely quite good, but be careful how you configure it, or what you use to check. As long as you realize what that file scanning and which ones may need further investigation, you should be safe.

We should close by saying that the number of Linux viruses that may damage your system in any way at this time is less than 10, so not having a nightmare.

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