Encrypt a File in Linux Ubuntu or Linux Mint With Terminal

How to Encrypt Decrypt Files in Ubuntu or Linux Mint Terminal
File Encryption Decryption turorial on Ubuntu or Linux Mint--how to Encrypt Decrypt Files in Ubuntu or Linux Mint Through the Terminal. Encryption is encoded, the encoding or randomization of a text or a file into another form using a specific algorithm so that it can not be read by anyone directly.

To read the files in the encryption then we need to make the process of decrypting a file i.e. change or restore encrypted files or messages into shape so that it can be read and known format or form.

In Ubuntu Linux Mint there is a very light application for encryption and decryption of files since it works through the Terminal named CCRYPT.

Ccrypt is a data encryption and decryption tool based command line Linux, besides lightly used and the process of enksripsi and the decryption can be done very quickly (speed application encryption and decryption are done through the window A GUI application), and also very easy to use this ccrypt is not as complicated as you may think.

Linux Encryption Application Features CCRYPT
With the application of encrypt decrypt in Linux called CCRYPT you can encrypt data in various forms of media such as pictures or videos, text, document, file archive, etc. CCRYPT uses AES algorithm as its back-end.

Like most encryption applications on Ubuntu Linux Mint, CCRYPT provided data encryption using password and key file. The mechanism is when CCRYPT already successfully encrypt a file then this application will dispose of its source file.

How to Install Ccrypt in Ubuntu or Linux Mint
How to install CCRYPT in Ubuntu or Linux Mint is very easy because it can be done through the Linux Terminal by typing the following command.
sudo apt-get install ccrypt

How to Encrypt files with Ccrypt in Linux
Because the application-based Terminal or command line to encrypt files suppose we will encrypt the file "test.txt" residing in a home directory then we type in the Terminal:
ccrypt test.txt

You will be prompted to enter a password to lock or encrypt files, please enter a password that you can remember easily twice. If application is finished encrypting CCRYPT then you will get a file with the same name plus the extension "cpt" so that in this experiment you will see the file "test.txt. cpt" in the same folder.

How to Decrypt files with Ccrypt in Linux
To decrypt the file do I fairly easy, since the previous encryption results file called "test.txt. cpt" then simply type in the Terminal:
ccrypt -d test.txt.cpt

CCRYPT Enksripsi Decryption Application review on Linux
This application is a Terminal-based making it very lightly used and the process of encryption and decryption process takes place above the average of the duplicate ekripsi application in Linux more. Seen from the security, application CCRYPT uses AES enough for use if the data to be exchanged his moderate levels of confidentiality.

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