Encrypt a File in Linux

How to encrypt files in Linux
The most important thing after successfully setting the server is to make backups, but it may not have been many know if an OpenVZ VPS – at least – that can be accessed by the provider without the need for permission. Indeed unethical and violates privacy but it is indeed an easy way, because that's what "he said" the primacy of KVM are here too. If the data can be accessed, but data backup should be protected to ensure no modifications and solutions can be encrypted.

We make use of OpenSSL application package that is already there is standard on any Linux distro. It could be said with simple methods that I discuss this gives the password to the file, therefore do not forget them.

The first step is Let's file encryption:
openssl aes-256-cbc -a -salt -in file_original.pdf -out file_encrypted.pdf

After that you will be asked what the word password. Create an easy to remember but not easy to guess and known by others.

To do the decryption process (get file origin) then execute the following command:
openssl aes-256-cbc -d -a -in file_encrypted.pdf -out file_original.pdf

Already, and this is the most simple and easy way to encrypt-decrypt files using OpenSSL in Linux. good luck

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