Free Network Monitoring Tools for Linux

1. Zenoss
Zenoss is a monitoring application with open source license and comercial support of Zenoss Inc. This application can be downloaded for free and can run on Multi-platform OS linux Distro and distributed under the GNU Public License. Zenos application can be used to observe computer device, Network Device (Switch, Router, etc.) who were active from the interface, process, service, file system, and routing. All computers in the network can be monitored simultaneously both run on Windows and Linux platforms. All the activity of the devices can be displayed in text form or in the form of graphs, can send Messages Alett via email or sms.

2. Zabbix
ZABBIX is one of the free software that is used to monitor the network and the status of various network services, servers, and other network hardware. Created by Alexei Vladishev, this software already supports polling and trapping.

The advantages possessed by zabbix is this is an open source software that can be easily obtained and free. In addition, zabbix also has a nice GUI so easily understood by its users (such as map and visualizes the graph so that also makes it easy for us in the Administration as well as the system settings (flexible)). We can choose freely the type and the type of reports that we want, whether a week or other period of time. If we want only the data without a chart, Zabbix also was able to do it. In terms of security, software this one also has its own security system, such as authentifikasi with IP address and provides the information problem quickly, e.g. by e-mail or sms.

With all of the advantages possessed by ZABBIX, this software can play an important role in monitoring the network infrastructure and can be cleaner the system administrator in doing his job. ZABBIX truly appropriate for a small company that has several servers and for large companies with many servers.

Cacti is one software that is used for the purposes of monitoring that is used today. Cacti stores all of the data or information needed to create the graphics and collect it with a MySQL database. To run the software required for Cacti supporters such as MySQL, PHP, RRDTool, net-snmp, and a webserver support PHP as Apache or IIS.

Cacti is one of open source application menrupakan solution is a complete network graphing that is designed to exploit the capabilities of the RRDTool functions as data storage and graphing. Cacti provides rapid data collection, the advanced chart patterns, multiple data acquisition methods, and user management features. Everything is packaged in an intuitive, easy to use interface understandable to a local area network to a complex network with hundreds of devices. By using our Cacti can monitor traffic flow on a server.

4. The Munin
Munin is a monitoring application system or network that presents output via a web interface. Munin stressed to the ability of plug-and-play easy. Using munin, we can easily monitor the performance of a system or network or SAN (Storage Area Network). In this Tutorial we will install munin on Centos 5.2.

5. The Dude
The dude is software from mikrotik for monitoring server, router and the other his.

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