How to Check Cpu Info in Linux

You would like to buy a VPS, you should already know how his server specification in accordance with what is offered? Usually the most basic want to know is about the CPU, although large RAM but his minimalist processor, it will cause its performance is very slow.

First if only to see how the processor speed in the VPS you can execute the command below with your linux terminal:
egrep 'GHz|MHz' /proc/cpuinfo

After that information will appear as below
model name : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz
cpu MHz : 2266.740

Once we know the speed of the processornya and now we're going to continue to check the complete CPU info in server based operating system Linux (Debian, CentOS, Arch, and all Linux distributions) can be directly run commands as below:
cat /proc/cpuinfo

Then you will see the CPU info from his complete and clear, and easy to understand by your new starter though.

If just one number comes up, you're only given 1 CPU core alone, and performance also depends on your provider, because the provider that gives the priority of how to process. So regardless of his still more important how the priorities.

This is just to see the specifications of the processor and CPU, to correct – right of knowing the capabilities of the CPU in the server you will need to do a benchmark and how other definitely again.

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