How to Check Running Processes in Linux

Linux is an operating system that is often used in Office or computer programmer, because its opensource operating systems make this one easy to come by. But to know the commands in the linux operating system is not easy for you previously familiar with the microsoft windows operating system, one of which is to see the program information that runs in Linux
On windows operating systems we can easily view running processes and information usage of cpu and RAM by using the Task Manager.

So the question now is whether linux can also? of course the answer COULD BE, one of them using the command default on linux, that is as below:

But you will see a display that is very sketchy, then I will come up with a complete look, by way of entering commands on your terminal as follows:
ps aux

You might say it's still less complete, but there are still other command options can be used as parameters, here I explain:

-a : command to display running processes on a tty user question
-A : or All, serves to display all running processes
-u : for user, so if my friend would like to mention or display their user name, then the Linux OS will display the processes running on the entire user
-x : this parameter is a useful option for selecting all existing processes on all tty, so if there is a 1 user login from 1 time, then all existing processes on a tty (active log) will display all of them.

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