How to Copy File in Linux Ubuntu With Terminal

This time I will share a tutorial how do I copy or copy a file using the terminal. Still in the category of basic terminal commands, copy the file using terminal is not something difficult.

Here we will try to copy the file empty we already make use of the terminal. The bottom line is to enter the command copy the file then choose the name of the file to be copied and then enter the file name of the new copy. Okay, we just check out the way as follows.

Open the folder that contains the files is empty we make, it looks more or less like the following.

Then open a terminal, go to that directory, and enter the following command: "cp(space)NAME FILE BE COPIED(space)FILE NAME COPY" then click enter (here I enter the command: cp EMPTY EMPTY_copy), the following screenshoot display his orders.

Last will appear a file copy that looks more or less like the following.

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