How to Find Out Redhat Linux Version and Kernel Version

Sometimes we just want to know the linux version that used our friends on his computer or we're using. There are also curious how the kernel installed, and want to remove the old version of the kernel that you might not want it takes longer.

Kernel installed on linux will only run 1 kernel only, usually installed the latest and last will be indicated on the bootloader as general, but still there is the option to wear a kernel before. The process where linux when kernel update will not remove old kernel directly because it is being used then and will ask you to restart after the installation of the update is finished. So, the old kernel or earlier it remains still exist and can be used. If I myself will certainly remove them because seeing the changes that don't actually appear in the interface.

Just go ahead, below are the property of the command that we use:

A. uname - display information system and kernel
B. lsb_release - displays specification information distribution.
C. /proc/version file - displays information of the kernel is running.

Each of the commands below have different output, please you just try it and see how these commands display information version of ubuntu and the kernel.

The following commands to check the kernel version:
uname -a : displays all kernel information
uname -r : displays the release kernel
uname -v : displays the version of the kernel
uname -o : displays the operating system kernel

cat /proc/version
cat /proc/sys/kernel/{ostype,osrelease,version}

Commands to check the linux version:
cat /etc/"NAME LINUX" release
lsb_release -a
cat /etc/"NAME LINUX" release
cat /etc/issue or cat /etc/

If you want to display the list/list of all kernel installed on linux, use this command:
dpkg --list | grep linux-image

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