How to Monitor a Process in Linux System With Htop

Most linux users may already be familiar with the command line, which is the text-based utility software, which is typically used to monitor all the processes that are happening in the linux system, here I will try to share about a piece of software the text-based utility and is used to monitor all the processes that are running but not the command line ' top "but" htop "which can also run directly on linux terminal.

Htop version of CLI (command line interface), htop function with top is almost the same, but the difference of the two is htop more interactive and easy to use, although htop running in a linux terminal but htop more user friendly because it support functions mouse in its use, the information can be shown starting from the CPU, memory, swap, uptime and all running processes.

If you are using a linux distribution based on debian or ubuntu, please direct your run the command below to install it through the terminal.
$ sudo apt-get install htop

Wait until the process is finished, the size is not too large to just eat up hard drive space more or less 189kb, when it's completed in the install then you can type the command "htop" in terminal then you will immediately see the display as below.

You can use the up or down button to view the processes that are currently running, you can also KILL or turn off running processes by means of its choosing and then pressing the F9 key on your keyboard and then press ENTER

The following function keys that you can use:

F1: for featuring help
F2: Setup
F3: Search or look for a process that is running by typing its process name
F4: Filter or display the process based on the group name
F5: Tree or display the process diagram with a tree or trees
F6: Sort By or showing the process based on a particular column
F7: Nice
F8: Nice
F9: Kill running processes on or off
F10: Quit or exit from the htop

On linux mint is actually already available software-based GUI to monitor all processes in the system, but I prefer with htop because it has interactive functions

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