How to Open Task Manager in Linux Ubuntu

Surely you ever ask about the basic things that exist on ubuntu linux though these problems easily, for example like this that is open task manager on linux ubuntu, when first using ubuntu you might be confused as to want to do something and made confused because the problem is different with windows, different systems and display different also makes you have much to learn more about linux ubuntu.

One of the things you have to learn on linux ubuntu is to open task manager. Actually to open task manager not too hard, not as you might think to write an assortment of writing the script in the terminal, end of story you ask google and finally managed to find his way here.

Please follow these steps to open the task manager on linux ubuntu as follows.
How to open task manager on Linux Ubuntu.

1. Press the button "picture windows" on your keyboard. in linux called "super button".
2. next type "System Monitor", in the search application, then the application will appear "system monitor".
3. click the application "system monitor", then will appear the window task manager, there is no display processors, RAM usage and connection. If you are not connected to the internet may be on the connection will not display anything.

The second way to open the task manager on Linux Ubuntu is to use the terminal. way as follows.
1. first press the "CTRL + ALT + T" on your keyboard to open the terminal.
2. you are typing at the terminal's "gnome-system-monitor" and then press enter.
3. then the Windows task manager will open.

That's how to open task manaeger on linux ubuntu. Let's discuss if there is a problem about ubuntu, considering I also recently learned there might be a master stop by here and give better feedback.

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