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Understanding the JAVA Program, JDK, NetBeans IDE and the JVM
Understand what it is JAVA, JVM, JDK and NetBeans IDE is mandatory before you learn about the java programming language. Many programmers who immediately jump to understanding program prior to understand java system flow and any editor must be used to be a java programmer.

Java is a high-level programming language created and led by James Gosling joined while still at Sun Microsystems, but currently the java programming language is part of the Oracle and was released in 1995. This language many adopted the form of a program in C and C++, but with a simpler form of a program.

JAVA is multiplatform language or can run on almost all platforms, and many are used on a computer or Mobile device and other Devices like Android. The name is inspired by JAVA Java coffee, hence the java coffee cup-shaped icon.

Java applications created with the text file with extension. java. This program produces a compiled bytecode file with extension. one class or more. Bytecode is a series of machine code instructions similar instructions. The difference is machine code must be run on the computer system where the compilation is addressed, while bytecode runs on the java interpreter is available on all platforms computer systems and operating systems. Let's find out more.

The Workings Of The Java Language
1. JDK (Java Development Kit)
JDK is a software used to make the process of compilation of java code to bytecode which is understandable and can be run by the JRE (Java Runtime Envirotment). JDK the mandatory installed on a computer that will do the process of making java-based applications, but is not obligated to be installed on the computer that will run applications built with java.

2. JVM (Java Virtual Machine)
JVM is the core of the Java Language. JVM serves to change the language of the programs that create a comrade into a machine language, because java is a high level programming language or close to human language converter needed to machine language. JVM is able to translate the programs comrade make to almost any platform. "write once, run everywhere" that was the slogan of the java programming language for the JVM.

3. JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
JRE is the software used to run applications built using java. JRE version should be the same or higher with the JDK that is white to build java applications.

4. NetBeans IDE
The NetBeans IDE is the software used to build other software. NetBeans IDE can be used to build software-based J2SE, J2EE, J2ME, JavaFX, PHP, C/C++. Ruby, Groovy and Python.

So in conclusion:
JVM = is in the JRE and the JDK.
JRE = to "run" Java program
JDK = to "Compile" the Java program
NetBeans IDE = to "make" java program

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