Linux Accounting Software Small Business and Midlle Business

Small and medium businesses usually have the budget IT is minimal. Their biggest expenses is to buy computer hardware like a desktop PC, laptop and printer. The rest of the budget is usually not sufficient to buy original software, so they buy more pirated program.

It is of course dangerous, besides the fact that pirated software usually contains malicious malware that can damage a computer belongs to the small and medium business and steal data, Governments and BSA ever being pirated software was keen to do raids. Small entrepreneurs can are convicted, imprisoned and prosecuted hundreds of millions of dollars.

But this need not happen because there is a free piece of software out there that can be used by small and medium businesses with impunity. Small and medium businesses can go ahead with technology and budget IT will not diminish much. This software is usually of type open source or freeware. This time, Startup Central will discuss about the accounting software (accounting) can be done by small and medium businesses.

Turbo Cash
Small and medium businesses can also take advantage of free accounting program Turbo cash. Free feature-rich software this is a direct rival and a good substitute for other accounting program Quickbookpro and Sage. Support multiple languages and countries free program features galore. Turbo cash is one of the most free accounting program adequately.

Turbo Cash has the ease of usage and has a clean look that attracts small business medium can have it free with additional paid options. Manual, CD and portable version for USB are available at affordable prices. Only supports Windows. Download be linked Here.

Compiere also suited the medium-small business because it provides open source besides vesi vesi paid. The free version provides top-class module. For Linux, Apple Macs and Windows. Download.

XTuple Postbooks
Other free accounting software that can be used for other small and medium businesses are the XTuple Postbooks. This program is the kumpilan of the ERP system. This free accounting program to integrate seven modules: Accounting, Sales, CRM, Manufacture, Purchase, Inventory and Product.

Postbook Edition is suitable for small to medium because it is free and features the top class. Can be download here. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

Small and medium businesses may already be familiar with accounting program free on this one, due to the incredible popularity and GNUCash. Free accounting program is intended for the personal, family and small business.

GnuCash is very fleksiel, the more we learn to use it the more we can customize it for the needs of small to medium sized us. This program supports the accounts receivables and payables, invoicing, account and credit account, investment loans, depreciation, tax table value, supporting a wide range of currencies.

GnuCash doesn't have modules point-of-sale or payroll, nevertheless we can still use it to manage payroll for a small number of employees manually by inserting a variable tax and payroll.

Free accounting programs the program already has the features of double entry accounting accounting that allows us to detect the error and find the source of the error. The accounting program is truly remarkable! Furthermore it supports many languages and GNUCash is available for various operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Linux. Download here.

SQL Ledger
This is a web-based ERP system for shops that need work and purchase orders, packing lists, point-of-sales, inventory control, check printing, multi-user and multi-site, time cards in addition to additional general ledger accounting. SQL Ledger requires the web server and SQL server. Supports a variety of operating systems (Linux, Mac, Windows) Although works best on Linux.

Small and medium business can choose one of two versions of SQL Ledger. Vesi free of charge or enterprise version. Vesi enterprise adds support barcode and label printing, invoice consolidation, a good payroll module, integrated Help system menu that can be edited and premium email also phone support. You can download it in the download link.

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