Linux Desktop as a Service Part 1

Not long ago, you can't let the Linux desktop remotely-no matter how hard You try. It is not at all at this stage of its development where ordinary PC users feel comfortable without a certain level of GUI-based functionality.

Flash forward a few years later and there is no problem at all to make a new user tried various Linux distributions. In spite of this success, one area that seems to prevent the Linux desktop still get excellence in an exclusive competition is the lack of desktop that is idiot-proof.

Now listen to me, because I certainly do not claim that Windows or OS X approach by offering experience this idiot-proof. Instead, I suggested that with a set of guarantees that appropriate, user releases Linux desktop can find computing experience that balances stability with usability is very easy.

Basically, this is the "killer application" that is missing that some observers claim is currently missing from the Linux today.

Enter the experience of Zonbu.
The first time I tried the mini Zonbu, I was impressed with its simplicity. When you sign in to your Zonbu, I also got into a long-distance data access stored properly. It provides data backup of my data to a bulletproof while also providing access to remote support, if needed. (Remote Support is important, as I will explain here shortly.)

Consider all the non-computer literate people in your life. Many of those who could do the fundamental things: e-mail, Web browsing, etc. But ask them to setup YOUR POP account in their email client, clearing the browser cache them or even update your passwords-most of these people would have responded with blank stares. Regardless of what Microsoft and Apple want you to believe, the OS does not provide the correct hand holding experience.

To be fair, I would say that Apple's OS X is near. Especially with the support of the GUI and simple phones from AppleCare support team is fantastic. But, even with this extra help, users generally find themselves need someone to "get things done" to them. And last time I checked, most highly underutilized AppleCare plan, which is then translated to a phone call to You for assistance.

Why? Because they "know me."

Back to Zonbu, this is an implementation of operating system that is very close to what a regular computer users are looking for. Actually, on the software side, basically very fit. Despite this success, Zonbu continues to approach their market to define a shotgun and attract the right consumers.

Linux provides as a service not too difficult, once you let go of all the crap out of the efforts of Web 2.0 to attract users. All companies like Zonbu will need to do is rethink their market.

The right niche

Zonbu and other similar businesses continue to experience a real identity crisis. These efforts work very hard to showcase themselves to markets that have repeatedly made it quite clear that beyond curiosity, they are not interested. This market includes small businesses and computer power user.

Zonbu page this is a real example of what I'm talking about. While I'm sure that the Zonbu is comfortable with the amount of sales there, I wonder if they realize that if they will simply lose the concept of a "second", they will double their sales with a little working together from your local PC repair shop. Let me explain.

Each workshop PC out there dealing with people who can't stop himself from dangerous open attachments or browsing to Web page design to request the installation of malware. This is the kind of improvements that customers still using AOL or Internet Explorer 5.5. They read all their mail in HTML format and generally do not know the type of malware circulating on their computers that collect data to be conveyed to who knows what kind of criminal.

Unfortunately, the response of the PC industry improvement against users of this problem is forcing them to upgrade to Vista, which generally means a new PC, or the latest problems continued as they do so. Frankly, it's a niche that's been screaming for help for several years now.

Serious repair shops tend to choose ground service contracts for small and medium enterprises rather than "nickel and diming" customers who only handles the need for removal of malware over and over. But at the same time, I'm sure some of this workshop does not like to see clients with low knowledge it go somewhere else. The solution is clear – give "problematic customers" this Linux box with the option run.

Often, existing customers PC already meets the requirements for this, the only thing left is locked it and give people who support system with remote access when customers need help. Zonbu did this, but relies on the end user still has an active internet connection when help is needed. Ideally the same with this, there are still instances where someone has a better one to reset the modem or the router.

From niche to execution.

So we know that provides support services to Linux can run well if it is local support. Zonbu currently can not provide this. Maybe this is an opportunity?

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