Linux Login History

Have a Virtual Private Server regardless of its functionality we use ourselves, and the root is often used because it has unrestricted access to the entire Linux operating system and make it easier we do Administration Server. But security still needs to be done and the checking routine whenever there is incoming to the server is mandatory.

Linux itself gives some tools to see the login entry, so we can find out what and when users who successfully log in. Execute only commands:

You can see usernamenya, session or what process, the IP address of the origin or source, day and date as well, how long is login.

It's not just limited to just that, you can also know the login attempt fails, run the following command:

The last was seen the latest from log each username is on Linux, type the following command in the terminal:

Of some of the tools above we can monitor and track anytime there is entrance to the server, match with your activity whether indeed this time was using VPSnya. If there are no suitable noteworthy and safeguards need to be increased again by installing "iptables" and "fail2ban" on the server.

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