Oracle Vm Virtualbox Extension Pack

Extension pack is an add-on or plug-in for VirtualBox.
Its function is of course providing capabilities and additional features that are not carried on the standard installation package. By installing VirtualBox extension pack, we will get extra features for 1) USB 2.0 tools, RDP, VirtualBox 2) and 3) boot via PXE to Intel ethernet cards (Advanced level) and many more.

How to Install Extension Pack on VirtualBox
Open VirtualBox
On the top menu bar, click File, then select Preferences

Enter the menu Extensions
Click the icon add new package

Next, locate the extension file you have downloaded virtualbox
Click the file, and then click open
Then locate the extension pack you have to prepare your

But, if you don't have a file extension of his pack, can be DOWNLOAD HERE

After that the menu will appear, click Install

Read the terms of service to the finish or directly on the scroll to the very bottom of the
And then click I Agree

The last step of the installation process, wait for his extension

Once that is done then you can just click OK

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