Oracle Vm Virtualbox Extension Pack Facilities

On the application of VirtualBox, sometimes we experience constraints. Such as Shared which may not work, or if we are already using the usb 3.0 technology also cannot be detected. Application VirtualBox basically standard does not support to open the facility.

By default, VirtualBox uses usb 1.0 to do mouting USB drive. This will be trouble if we need to do against data sharing VirtualBox directly i.e. using usb, which turns on the machine we've been using version 2.0 or 3.0.

To try it, you can perform configuration in VirtualBox you, go to the settings menu > USB > check USB 2.0 then run, if run without his extra extensions exist, then an error message will appear.

in the image above appears error messages

"Failed to open a session for the virtual Machine ... "

This is because of the lack of drivers or extensions on virtuabox can do for mounting on a virtual machine. Then how so that we could run a usb 3.0 or usb 2.0?

The steps below is how to handle USB not detected by virtualbox?, Let us refer to

The first step is to download additional extensions in advance on the website of virtualbox adds usb 3.0, this facility will also add other amenities, such as a WebCam on a laptop.

Than Download

Download the extensions from the results, you will get an extension in the form of Extension Pack from virtualbox.

Then double click on the extensions it will pop up a confirmation window to perform the installation of extensions.

Then click "install", follow the installation steps on the extensions. Until finally a window will appear confirming that the installation of the Extension Pack is over used.

After that, check the USB config, if still on usb 1.0 try to ride kanversinya to USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

After that try to run virtualbox you. Last error message will not appear again, because it's already done the installation Extension Pack on VirtualBox.

In the image above, the admin successfully mounting the usb and pc harddisc guest (virtualbox). If you still fails, turn off first the vbox him then moved to USB 2.0. or to 3.0 (please click) Then turn it on again, Virtualbox for USB version of this move, you have to do shutdown first.

If it still fails, then:
  • Install the driver usb hub on your pc friend guest (virtualbox) Please search on google then donwload and install
  • default driver install Virtualbox, the location is on the Host PC:
"C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\drivers\USB\filter"

Buddy will find the .inf file that is "VBoxUSBMon.inf". If you already find it right click on the file and then Restart.

This is one of the bugs that plagued by VirtualBox. Some pc or laptop is still hard to do attach usb.

Good luck

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