Recover Deleted Files Linux Ext4

Lost files, especially if the file is important, certainly not a pleasant thing. Usually this occurs because viruses, deleted, or formatted accidentally. Actual data loss can be prevented by doing the back up either on a cd, dvd, or another hard drive (I'd suggest on the cd or on the dvd because it will be more secure, as long as it is stored properly).

But if you've already lost data or files then we can perform the recovery. To perform a recovery we can use PhotoRec. I have tried it on my friend's laptop that had expired because the data formatted intalasi reset (note my friends laptop windows 7 original, then I place the ubuntu) and the missing data can be returned. Doesn't need to be long winded let's try the toughness of this application. To do is:

1. We need to install the testdisk in advance

Type in terminal sudo apt-get install testdisk
photorec is indeed contained in one package with testdisk because its creator is the same person. Now you can use Photorec

2 Type diterminal "sudo photorec"

3. Select the media that you want to recover. Continue by selecting the "Proceed" and press "enter".

4. specify the type of partition table from the media used, select "Intel" (for win or Linux partition). After choosing the partition table press "enter" to continue. In the next window specify the partition where you want to recover, if it wants the entire partition on the selected media highlight the option labeled "partition empty", and press "enter" to start the recovery process.

5. specify file System > > here I chose "Other"

6. specify the type to be used is anlysis > > here I select "free"

7. specify the location of the file recovery results will be stored, the default option is "home directory", if agreed, just hit the "Y".

8. the recovery process will take quite a long time, depending on the magnitude of processed media capacity, processor speed, and RAM capacity. The results of the recovery will be placed in the "directory recup dir".

Hopefully, your data can be saved
Don't forget to back up first

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