Red Hat Linux Version Check

How to See the Linux Version Pretty – have a variety of Linux distributions are different – different according to the purpose, and the number is very much up to this point. To find out what the distribution and version of Linux You use how much, could follow this article.

How To See The Linux Version
The easiest and simplest way to see the name of the Linux distribution and version numbers can be done by opening a terminal and type the following command:
cat /etc/issue

If you need further information, you can use a different command, though it may not work on any distro, but it definitely works on distribution – a popular distro. Same as before, open a terminal and type the following:
cat /etc/*release or
cat /etc/redhat-release

This will give you something more detail as in the screenshot below, and you can see that not only do you have the information release, but you can also see the codename and URL. On Ubuntu we can also use the command "etc/os-release", but in other distributions may vary, e.g. on redhat using command might be "etc/redhat-release". However, if use of the sign *, it signifies for all distros, and the information that appears is about distributions that are being used on our computer.

How To View The Version Of The Kernel
The distribution you are running version differs from the version of the Linux kernel. You can easily see the kernel version by opening a terminal and typing the following command:
uname -r

This will result in the following output, where we can see the kernel version that is being used is 3.13.0.

When last we saw only the kernel version in use, with the parameter -r, we will now use the parameter -a to see all the information. Type the following command in the terminal:
uname -a

In the screenshot below you can mengetauhi that my computer is running the x 86 version of Linux, which means 32-bit.

Or you can also use the uname -i, to see a more precise version of the distro.

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