Remote Control Linux From Android

If you often following the presentations, the seminar certainly you have ever seen the speaker carries the presentation with an object in his hand. With that thing the speaker control the presentation from far away so he doesn't have to go back and forth on stage and his computer. These things we often refer to the remote control. With this I will share how to make HP Android so a remote control for the Ubuntu laptop with Bluetooth Remote PC

In this post there are 2 parts
  • Settings on the computer (as a Server) I use Ubuntu at 14
  • Settings on the HP (as a Client).
Make sure both the tool features bluetooth because of the way it uses bluetooth to connect a second instrument

1. Settings on the computer
First, make sure that Java is installed on your computer. I am at the moment of installing Java using this command
sudo apt-get install icedtea-7-plugin openjdk-7-jre

Then download the Server via this link. Select the operating system that supports Linux. Once downloaded, extract the zip file that is obtained in the desired folder. Inside the folder there will be a Remote file Server in PC format and .jar.

Here we will use the ".jar" file. But before we have to make this ".jar" file into the executable file. The trick is to right click on the
> File > Properties. Look at the tab "Permission". Check "Allow executing file as program"

If it is, make sure that also in the tab "open with" Application, the Default is OpenJDK Java such as in this example

After that we can click 2 times on the "file Server PC Remote.jar". If there is no obstacle, then what happens is something like this on your desktop (see text section above). The applet at the top can be clicked right to stop, run server, or quit

Here, I encountered error is "Error: Bluecove library bluecove not available". If this happens also on the reader, please install "libbluetooth-dev" from USC or terminal. For another error and solution, please refer to this link.

Now the laptop is ready to be controlled. Let's point to HP Android

2. Settings on the HP
Application that is required is a PC with a Bluetooth Remote developer Rozky. This application can be downloaded at Play Store. At this point I still use Android GingerBread and available for this version. When it is installed, make sure that Bluetooth on HP is already turned on, but does not need to be in the mode of discoverable. Go into applications, approximately will be like this.

Of course we are going to select the Bluetooth link, because another one is to buy the Pro version. After selecting option Bluetooth, numbers will appear Bluetooth Device (BD) Address that is active at that time. So before make sure readers already know the BD Address form (use hciconfig command on the terminal)

Select the number that matches the Address on the form BD. If the connection is successful, it will pop up a page like this on the HP

From there we can select what action will be performed on our laptops. If you want to use HP as a mouse, select Mouse mode. If you want to the presentation, open the presentation file and select the mode of Presentation on the menu.

The simple writing of mine, may also help the presentator who wish to advance the world of Linux.

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