Replace Active Directory With Linux

Knowing the position of the active directory
Directory is the main component which is very important because there are usually many directory at once files are quite important.

To see the current position of the directory can use the command ' pwd '. Pwd command is used to display the position of an Active Directory. Not only used to see the position of the active directory, the pwd is usually used by the sysadmin for the named location in absolute path (full path) so it's not an error occurred when creating the scripting.
$ pwd

ls = View file content from Active Directory. On linux the command dir with the alias of the ls command. For the ls command itself is often created alias ls--color, so that at the time in the ls display colors correspond to file-file, usually green to execute, etc.

ls -al = see the entire contents of a file in Active Directory with the files hidden, then displayed the screen per screen.

cd directory = Change directory. Use the cd without the directory name will deliver you to your home directory. And cd-will carry you to the previous directory.

The UNIX file system is different with the Windows file system (DOS), UNIX does not use drive letter such as c:, d: in Windows. But all the partitions and an extra drive in mount in sub-directories under the root directory. So the user does not have to be confused in the drive letter where a file is located so that the entire system as a single sequential file system from the root directory is hierarchical.

Here's a little description of the structure of the directories or folders in linux:
  • root: the location of the most basic structure of files and folders that exist under linux, this location is also commonly referred to as the root directory.
  • boot: a Folder or directory used to store the required time filefile boot linux.
  • bin: this Folder is used to store executable files linux, all the basic linux commands is usually stored in this folder.
  • sbin: this Folder is also used to store executable files on linux, but a little different from the bin, sbin can only be accessed by root (adminstrator linux).
  • dev: this Folder is used to save the file-system file device such as a hard drive, cdrom, floppy, usb, etc.
  • min: this Folder is used for mount point all existing device in folder/dev, above.
  • etc: this Folder is used to store configuration information or a file from a program or application that is installed in the system.
  • usr: this Folder is used to store programs or applications that will be installed into the system.
  • home: this Folder is used to store data or documents from users of linux itself.

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