Syslog Server Linux Centos

Set up and configure the Syslog-ng
By default, with the installation of CentOS 7 Rsyslog, there will be installed to keep a log of the system and its applications. Fortunately, we will have all our system log files are saved and set the required way syslog. We will use this log file by installing Syslog-ng, and we will arrange it in a way that is more appropriate:

First, before you begin the installation, we need to prepare the EPEL repository:
$ sudo yum install epel-release

All checks the repository package and application availability are optional. We can always continue with installing Syslog-ng.
To verify, whether the EPEL repository has been added then, we can use the following command in terminal:
$ sudo yum repolist
This command will show a list of repositories that have been available to the YUM package manager to download and install from package. Now once you have the repository EPEL then we need to check if there are any changes that need to be done after adding it. So, we need to type this command in terminal:
$ sudo yum check-update

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