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How to Install Linux Ubuntu on VirtualBox – Actually there are many ways that we can do if you want to install ubuntu linux along with windows. As I wrote on the article 4 how to Install Linux Ubuntu on a Windows computer, one way I mentioned is using a virtual machine.

Why Virtual Machine?
But we can install it dual boot with Windows?
OK, indeed we can install dual boot. But, if you still belongs to the layperson, I suggest don't, better install it in a virtual machine. Install linux ubuntu on a virtual machine mean we will only operate virtual machines, instead of the original computer. So, whatever happens, we don't need to worry, because the virtual machine does not interfere with the system on the original computer. I think this way is perfect, when we just want to do testing or just try it.

VirtualBox is one of the virtual machine. The software is free. So, you can get it easily. Okay, in this tutorial we will try to install linux Ubuntu on virtualbox.

How to Install Linux Ubuntu on VirtualBox in Windows 10

Step 1: Download the Linux ISO Ubuntu
For those of you who do not already have the ISO file of Ubuntu Linux, please dowload directly through the official website here.

Step 2: Download and Install VirtualBox
If the computer you've installed VirtualBox, please download it first here. Select the version according to your needs, then install VirtualBox.

Step 3: Install Linux Ubuntu on VirtualBox
Open VirtualBox, and then create a new machine with the click of a button New.

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