Best Free Linux Os Part 2

Linux distro with a beautiful Display
You love beauty without compromising functionality? The following Linux might be an option.

Elementary OS offers the look of a modern and elegant design. The focus of the development of this operating system is to make users happy and comfortable while working or using this OS.

Elementary OS is also based on Linux Ubuntu. Certainly in terms of features will remain the same ' with Ubuntu without compromising functionality.

Different from most Linux distros already mentioned above. Apricity is a Linux-based operating system of Arch Linux. Typical renderings are already carrying the concept of modern design and elegant.

The placement of the icon-icon of the OS as this one remind us with the operating system Android and iOS. Desktop environment from Apricity using GNOME and Cinnamon.

Cloud-Based Linux Distro
In the era of cloud-computing, many applications can run without the need to perform the installation.

Operation of the application more based on computer networks. One of them is the internet. Users can rely on the internet to connect to the central servers to manage data.

Chromium OS is Linux operating system developed by Google.

Hear the word "Chrome" certainly as internet users should be very familiar with this name.

Chrome OS uses the principle of the same interface that is used by the web browser Google Chrome.

All applications that run on these operating systems is based on the web application. So for their use indeed tend to use the internet connection. But it still can be used also without the internet.

For the current distribution of Chrome OS direct-hosted by Google. I.e. by selling devices Chromebook (sort of netbooks but the operating system already installed Chromium OS).

Target market of the Chromium OS this is a student/school students. But not limited to it, anyone who wants to access the internet more easily able to use this device.

Linux Distro For Gaming

Steam Linux operating system OS is designed specifically to meet the needs of game play. Operating system suitable for gamers is based on Debian Linux.

Steam OS using third-party graphic driver which will be continually updated, with graphics compositor to support the operations of the transition between the Steam games with the OS itself.

For the uninitiated what is Steam, Steam is a website platform provider digital game distribution service, developed by Valve Corporation. Although designed specifically for playing games, but Steam can still remain the OS used to work as well as other computer operating systems.

Linux Distro For Laptops

If you run multiple applications intensively, especially on a laptop, no doubt will continue to spend the battery power. In this sector, Ubuntu MATE could be your choice, due to the very light runs on low hardware specification.

The principle of Ubuntu MATE is making modern computers getting faster, and make old computers can still be useful.

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