Best Free Linux Os Part 3

Linux Distro For "Old" Computer
As well as the principle of Ubuntu MATE. However Lubuntu focus more on speed and power efficiency in devices with low hardware specifications.

Lubuntu using the desktop version of LXDE and minimalist choose lightweight applications to run as the default application.

Linux Distribution For Multimedia Production
One of the drawbacks to Linux at this time was support for multimedia production. Most multimedia programs for professional class more is available for Windows OS and Mac OS.

And to run applications in the category multimedia resource does require hardware such as CPU and RAM.

In the multimedia sector, Ubuntu Studio created at least to correct deficiencies.

Ubuntu Studio comes with several applications that focus on the work of multimedia, such as audio, video, photography, publishing, and image editing.

Linux Distro To Protect Privacy
In this internet era, information and data on a person will be more open and can easily be known to the public. One example is a simple data collection (tracking) by marketers, government agencies, companies or advertisers.

This is where the operating system is trying to take the role of the Tails to protect the privacy of its users.

Tails is a live operating-system. This means that you can simply run it through the OS DVD, USB Flash disk, or even a memory card SD Card.

Tails allows users to access the internet anonymously and penetrate the existing censorship on the internet. In this case, the service relies on a network of Tails Tor.

But you need to know is that while this indeed is difficult it feels to access information on the internet that actually anonymously without any trace at all.

Because we'll never know if it turns out that party developer of Tails itself can figure out information on our computers. It could just be right?

Linux Distro For Servers

Currently CentOS is one of the Linux operating system that is widely used for running the server. Stability of CentOS is also known well enough.

CentOS became one of the best alternative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). To use it, because users are not charged.

CentOS is an operating system development based on Fedora and Red Hat Linux. Developers of CentOS also continues to provide support and updates against a OS this periodically.

Debian is one of the oldest and best distribution in Linux world. It could be said that Debian is the "father" of several Linux distributions available today.

Debian systems using the Linux kernel. Debian includes more than 50,000 packages precompiled software functionality for easy installation.

Debian used for running the server. Debian can be an option for users who want a Linux server which is stable and secure without having to do an update as often as possible.

Linux distro for Hacking and Security

The operating system that this one is notable for its features hacking him. The actual Kali Linux operating system which is useful for testing the security of a system in the network.

Developed on the basis of Debian Linux. Using GNOME as desktop environment. As additional information, that earlier Time, better known as BackTrack.

Linux distro to run Android on your computer
The popularity of the Android operating system not only deals with the mobile device only. In this era, Android even already present for the desktop computer version.

Remix OS is an operating system based on Android-x 86. Remix OS combines the interface of the system Android on mobile devices with the look of a desktop PC.

In addition to running the Android application, users can also play games on Android Remix OS.

One of the advantages of Remix OS is ease of installation and can also be juxtaposed (dual-boot) with other operating systems, especially Windows.

Linux operating system continues to undergo changes and developments from time to time. It is based upon the nature of open source. So that anyone can contribute to develop the project jointly.

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