Best Linux Os for Laptop

The best Linux OS for laptops – type OS always develops from time to time. Presence of a laptop with a model and a more sophisticated design make any OS that is used the better and modern. As one of the best OS for laptops, Linux offers exciting features. So, what kind of best linux os for laptops?

Linux from time to time continues to progress displays a wide range of new types that can be used as a laptop OS. It looks not less interesting with the look of the Mac OS and windows display. Want to know what? Check out some of its kind below.

The Best Linux Os For Laptops

1. Ubuntu
Ubuntu is becoming one of the best linux OS distributions even largest. Company called Canonical has funded him directly. Ubuntu is so popular and its mobile OS version has been available.

Routinely, the best linux OS provides an update in 6 months. You can get Ubuntu for free anyway. Therefore, the best linux OS soon try this.

2. Linux Mint
The best Linux OS type to the second laptop is linux mint. Linux Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu. Thus, linux mint has also become popular same OS with Ubuntu. Linux Mint also provides some variation. One of them is Linux Mint Xfce. Linux mint this is very light. In fact, linux mint you can run on a laptop with a intel atom.

3. Elementary OS
This is one of the linux OS can be used for novices. It looks very simple. However, the simplicity in it looks fixed to make this OS looks beautiful and so elegant. Daniel Fore, here's a guy who was instrumental in developing the linux distro on this one.

If you are a person who frequently uses a Mac, then quite surely familiar OS elementary in the ear.

That's the third type of best linux os for laptops. Choose the best Linux OS for laptops and get comfort in surfing and run the laptop for you. Elementary OS or Ubuntu, all you can try.

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