Copy Files in Linux With Terminal

How to Copy files in Linux Terminal-this way is very simple for those who already understand about the world of linux, easy and straightforward. But for those who are familiar with linux's new car to move a file to another file is very hard, well we call it copy files in linux terminal, must have been confused for that already use windows.

Thanks to the internet we can learn to easily find information about how to copy files in linux terminal is not even just that, everything needs information already easily get on the internet.

While learning while in it should, it's an effective way of learning for me, let alone kalo lagi gak pake linux everything can live his world internet not connected reply, felt nothing less.

How to copy files in linux there are two types of terminals, first copy the file via the terminal but only one direct files into one folder, and the second a different way to copy one folder to the other folder.

Now go directly to how:
The first way a linux terminal file copy from one file to another folder, for example when I want to copy the file "" which is where the file is located in the i386 folder "install_flash_player_11_linux"

I will move them into the folder "/usr/lib/chromium/plugins/"
Here's how:
Typing :
sudo cp /home/jayboana/Downloads/install_flash_player_11_linux.i386/ /usr/lib/chromium/plugins/  [enter]

Then it will automatically file "" will be in the copy into a folder plugins.

The second is how to copy folder on linux terminal. Here's my take for example will copy the folder "usr" "Red color" to the folder plugins place copy file "" at the top.

just about the same way added the "-R" here's how:

Typing :
sudo cp -R /home/jayboana/Downloads/install_flash_player_11_linux.i386/usr /usr/lib/chromium/plugins/  [enter]
Then the usr folder will automatically copy into a folder in plugins, to be able to check them out you can open the folder using the GUI way is no longer using the terminal. If there are two files means successful.

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