Google Drive for Linux Ubuntu 16.04

How to add Google Drives to Ubuntu at 16.04
On the discussion of this now it's easy, we'll be utilizing your existing Settings on Ubuntu at 16. No application to download, just need an internet connection to Sinkronasi the files later.

Excellence Sinkronasi this File you can access it at any time and without an internet connection (if the file is on a drive already google ter sinkronasi before with ubuntu) if not yet understand concepts such as Dropbox.

Please open settings on ubuntu

Select your Online Accounts

Click on the "+" icon to add the Account and choose Google

Next Login with a google account that you have

and you are able to turn on all the options that are on the right, the most important in the selection of files that need to be disabled.

Further checks on the Program files, then there will be seen email that you entered earlier, there is no file at google drives with that account will appear. here requires an internet connection to retrieve the files that exist on google drive that later you can access offline if currently there is no internet connection.

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