Install Docker on Centos

Install Docker in CentOS 7 docker-what is it? in the era of cloud computing is already his day virtualization. If talking baremetal-based virtualization (Hypervisor) surely we've often heard such as Vmware, Xen, proxmox, etc.

Then what you heard with virtualization bebasis container? Actually this technology is already very long but rarely people use it one example is OpenVZ in 2005. Several container-based virtualization last year started rising since the advent of docker. Then what's a docker?

Docker is a container-based virtualization technology. If we compare virtualization vmware with the docker, vmware will share physical resource into vm guest that we set appropriate, whereas docker don't need vm geust and resource use are shared from the main OS (Host OS).

From the picture above obviously docker will be lighter.

I think enough explanation about docker. Then I will explain how to install docker in centos 7.

The first step in the update repository.
yum update

Since we're installing docker via official repository then install yum utils.
yum install -y yum-utils
yum-config-manager --add-repo

Update cache repository.
yum makecache fast

Install docker engine.
yum install docker-ce

Next run the docker engines and run as a start-up.
systemctl restart docker
systemctl enable docker

up here, you've managed to install on centos docker 7.

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