Install Ubuntu from Windows With Wubi

For beginners who are accustomed to using Windows usually choose to use dual OS (there are two computers in one operating system) when it will learn to use the Linux operating system. However, the process of installing Linux sometimes become a scary Specter for beginners, especially when having to partition the hard disk or share.

So often unknowing resulted in important data being lost due to ignorance in the partition. By using WUBI can we install and uninstall Ubuntu Linux easily through Windows. This article will explain the steps installing Linux Ubuntu on Windows with WUBI.

Wubi Ubuntu installer for Windows is that allows us to install and uninstall Ubuntu from Windows Desktop. Wubi will add the option to run the Linux Ubuntu on a Windows boot menu. Ubuntu will be installed in a file on the file system of Windows, this file will be considered the actual harddrive by Ubuntu.

In this tutorial we have assumed file. "iso Linux Ubuntu 8.04-Desktop-i386", so no need to download the iso file again because they can spend a long time, especially if we have a small bandwidth.

The following installation steps Wubi:
1. create a folder and folder wubi wubi/install in c: (C:/install/wubi)

2. Download Wubi installer (Wubi-8.04-beta-rev457) HERE and save the download results in "C:/install/wubi" in the windows system. Save file also Ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso in the same folder.

3. Double-click on the icon to start the Wubi install.

4. Select the partition layout of a hard disk that will be used to install WUBI (C:), the size of the installation of Ubuntu, and the look of the desktop (Gnome, Kubuntu: Ubuntu: KDE, Edubuntu: education, etc.). Select Ubuntu, then select the language that will be used for the installation, and most importantly write the username and password, and then click install.

5. The Wubi will copy the files needed for installation. Because we already have the iso file of ubuntu then do not have to wait long, because there is no need to download the file again.

6. When it is finished then we will be asked to restart/mereboot computer.

7. After booting we will see the option to enter into an operating system Windows XP or Ubuntu. Select Ubuntu by pressing the down arrow and then press enter.

8. We will see the Ubuntu installation automatically. Without needing to do anything we just have to wait a while.

9. After installation is complete, your computer will reboot again. We select the Ubuntu operating system back.

10. the latest Ubuntu Desktop Now we're booting.

11. Type in your username then enter, and then type the password (username and password are the same as we typed before).

12. At present we are able to use and explore our Ubuntu Linux now.

13. Install Ubuntu with Wubi will not interfere with Windows XP. We could try to restart your computer and then select Windows XP. Then we will return to our Windows without any problem.

14. To uninstall Ubuntu, we can do the same as we are uninstalling meremove program or Windows.

15. Happy using Linux, Welcome to The Freedom of the World!

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