Learn Android Linux Command Line Shell

Termux Android (Shell) Terminal Emulator
What is a Termux? Termux is a terminal or shell emulator for Android which is useful for bridging interactions between the user and the operating system with a command-line interface. Like Konsole or Gnome-Terminal on the Linux Desktop.

Of the many terminal emulators that exist in Google Play Store, Termux is the best terminal emulator seems to me because Termux also provides a repository of packages that has been compiling for multiple types of processors, ready to be installed and does not require root access.

For those of you new to Linux and want to learn how to rule the Linux system, you can use the Termux to exercise due Termux has many package ready installed as owned by Linux on your computer.

Installation you can do from Google Play Store for installation through the web interface. Install the main package Termux and Termux APIs. Once the installation is finished, run the Termux Termux for minimum system installation process.

After the installation process is complete, the Termux system at least run the following command to update the packages have been installed:
$ apt update
$ apt upgrade

If detected the new package available.
Furthermore, for the installation of other packages you can do it with the command:
$ apt install program_name

To see a list of available packages, the orders are:
$ apt list | more

As for the search of the package using a particular keyword, the injunction is:
$ apt search keyword

Termux repository has a fairly complete package collection. You can also play around with a variety of programming languages on Termux, such as Python (v3), Python2 (v 2.7), Perl, PHP, JavaScript (nodejs), Lua, C/C++ (clang, cmake), SqLite for the database and so on.

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