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The use of Linux for everyday activities is indeed quite can be maximized with the use of Linux distros that have a release version of the Desktop so that you can install on your computer or laptop users personal, home, and office space. Standard computing works for daily work can be done by using Linux, more than that, Linux can also be designed to perform specific jobs that require additional programs because software available for Linux have been very diverse and complete even the most free to use.

To use a computer daily activities and commercial activities processing of words, tables, create and present the other presentations, and the like. Such activities require computer programs or software packages office examples only on Windows operating systems there's Microsoft Office software package which in her there are some default program such as Microsoft Word for word processing, Microsoft Power Point presentation for management, and some related activities programme for offices and other everyday.

Activities or work that greatly helped by the existence of the office software is part of the Administration, reporting, or other work as well as many filings with securities that are very dependent with the office software on the computer. On a Linux package is also available in office programs. Even in Linux there are some office software package which can be selected and made an alternative for users in a work related purposes to accommodate with the office. Here are some office software package which can be user selected.

Is a software package of office or office suite developed by the Apache Software Foundation. This was named the Apache OpenOffice a lot is included as a standard default office suite a few notable Linux distro. Apache OpenOffice is free and open source are also available in addition to the Linux platform is also available for Wicrosoft Windows and OS X.

Apache software package OpenOffice on several programs, among others, Writer as a word processor or Word Processor like Microsoft Word, Calc for spreadsheets like Microsoft Excell sports or Lotus 1-2-3, Impress to manage presentation as Microsoft PowerPoint, Draw can be used for the processing of vector graphics, Math for a complicated mathematical formula editing such as Microsoft Equation Editor, and a useful Base to manage database such as Microsoft Access functions.

A software package of office or office suite-derived or branch of the project. Libre Office was developed by The Document Foundation where many Office replaced the Libre became the default office suite Linux distros since leading members left many developers and change management and renamed Apache OpenOffice already mentioned earlier. Libre Office is also available in a multi platform other than Linux is also on the Microsoft Windows and OS X.

Office software Libre Office package includes several program modules inside Apache similar to OpenOffice because one might say is "brother near" that Writer just like Microsoft Word, Calc like Microsoft Access or Lotus 1-2-3, Impress such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Draw the vector graphics and processor as diagrams such as Microsoft Visio, Microsoft just like Math Equation Editor, and also Base like Microsoft Access.

Calligra or Koffice
Calligra is the new name of Koffice is whereby these new names are changed when there is a split on the developer community where differences of opinion occurred and disapproval between members of the main developer. Calligra is available also in some platforms i.e. Linux, FreeBSD, OS X and Microsoft Windows. Calligra also penetrated to the smartphone mobile user by providing the Calligra for Android.

Calligra Office software package consists in some components of the program include Words like Microsoft Word, Sheets like Microsoft Excell and Lotus 1-2-3, the Stage like Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, such as Kexi Plan serves to the management of the program or project that was once named KPlato, Braindump, Flow to create a flowchart or a flowchart which formerly Kivio, carbon for vector graphics, Krita olah serves to editing software image or the image formerly crayons, and also the Author of which is a program for making e-book.

Usually on the default Linux distro installation already included one office software package. Users stay instantly using only and there is no need to install again. But the decision remains in the hands of the user, the user can still select which office software package that is appropriate and convenient to use so that capable to accommodate users ' needs well.

Office software packages above are already designed and has the look of the user interface interface that is easy to understand so anyone users, beginners in Linux though, surely can use and control the software quickly.

The user is also certainly need not be confusion in the matter of the installation. Many repository already provide the office software package, users also can still download (download) the above office software installation packages on their respective official websites and customized with a Linux distro that is used.

Using Linux is indeed very be facilitated in any case, if there are any problems or confusion official website of each Linux distribution and software developer inevitably provide an explanation regarding the tutorials and other help, if you still feel less than, many online forums that discuss about Linux that can be used by users in to explore Linux even further.

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