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Cleaning up the linux malware
Malware is very troubling in any operating system, have you experienced when you are surfing on the internet using browser suddenly popped up window ads, then when you to a page on the internet suddenly deflected towards the of a particular site.

On the linux operating system, you feel very old and your server resource such as memory becomes low, cpu loads become high, then your website used to do certain things. These can be signs that you were exposed to malware. Here is how to clean a linux malware and make sure that you are using clamav is always updated to the latest malware that can detect.

To clean up malware on linux operating systems is not easy if done manually, you need to wring one by one file that is in the system, let alone you have thousands of files with the extension ".php" and tucked inside one file is malware that then detected by google your site has malware.

Maldet is one of the open source software that you can use to clean malware by thoroughly scanning. The following are the steps to clean up malware on linux operating systems.

1. Download maldet on the site "", and make sure you download the latest version from maldet.

2. Download the installation file is malware detector

3. Extract the installation file is malware detector
#tar xvfz maldetect-current.tar.gz

4. Enter installation directory of malware detector (mutable versions)
#cd maldetect-1.4.2

5. Did malware detector installation
6. Do the scanning with the command
#maldet -a <directory>
7. If found the presence of malware on linux you then you are informed, to do the cleanup you can follow the instructions that appear after the scanning process is completed.

Malware detector this can be combined with the linux operating system, anti-virus ClamAv for more accurate results in addition to malware bervirus file also. Keep in mind that long to do this depending on the scanning with a large number of files that exist on your linux operating system, in addition to the number of files is also determined from the file types for example if you have files in a compressed form like a zip file or files with the extension ". tar.gz" then lengthening the scanning process will be more malware.

Happy cleaning up malware.

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