Linux Sftp Server

Sysadmin was certainly know about it. However ga everyone know right about FTP, anyone ever heard of and some do not know at all. Therefore in this post I want to try to explain what I know about it, and I hope you guys can make it easy to understand after reading this post.

FTP was arguably as Network Storage Server. True to its name, Network = network. Storage = Storage, Server = Server. So yes can mean we've got media storage on a server and if we want to access it by using the internet or a local network.

Okay for further discussion see reviews below

What is FTP?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol a protocol that functions as a medium of Exchange files (upload download) in a Network. FTP working using one reliable protocol for data communication between server and client, i.e. the Protocol TCP and works on port 21. Like what I've said above, FTP it as storage media on a server, and if we want to access, or to send and receive files, by using the internet or a local network.

Suppose that in a company want to make storage medium that can be accessed by the client of his client, arguing as a place where certain files in place, and also to facilitate the process of delivery of files, without the need to plug the pendrive, hard drive etc, well because of the existence of this, FTP would be helpful right?

FTP Functions
Yes possible from understanding above've also illustrated what is FTP functions, FTP functionality is obvious, namely as a tool or a way to simplify we used to uploading or downloading, the existence of this FTP we can also share or sharing files to the another user as long as the user can access the FTP.

The workings of FTP
For how it works, FTP is listening on a TCP port number is 21, so there is a client that is connected to the FTP server, then the client can access the FTP, not only on the local network, even FTP can also be used in a network the Internet, it is usual in call with Public FTP. The methods used by FTP is a standard authentication methods that require a username and password, and there is also a method of using anonymous, without requiring a username and password.

Standard Authentication methods require a username and password to access the data on the FTP server. The registered user (have username and password) to have full access in some directory-the directory with the files in it so that registered users can create, copy, move or delete Directory-the directory or the file, along with the password for the username has been created and defined by the Admin of the server. Not only that the Admin of the FTP server can be set up/configure any existing user. Suppose User A can only see this directory, User B maximum Uploadnya many megabytes, and so on, in accordance with the existing configuration.

Unlike the case with Anonymous methods, the client is already connected to an FTP server could directly access the FTP server, without requiring a Username and Password.

The FTP server can be accessed by using a Universal Resource Identifier (URI) using the format ftp://nameserver. FTP client can access the FTP Server by using the URI.

Maybe you've enough description of the FTP, now we continue discussing the SFTP

What is SFTP?
SFTP is the same as with FTP, i.e. as a method that is used to Exchange files in a network, but it is more secure than FTP. can be seen from the name "Secure". If interpreted as SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is the process of Exchange/transfer files using the SSH protocol. This feature is a combination of FTP and SCP. This protocol combines the flexibility of FTP and SCP's security. This protocol supports file transfer and file manipulation. SFTP protocol can also be referred to as the new Protocol, which is not just using FTP via SSH.

While the notion of SCP (Secure Copy) is a protocol which is also a program to perform secure copying. SCP this is a better option than the RCP because SCP uses encryption like ssh Program. In fact, it uses ssh for authentication data transfer.

For example, suppose you guys post a file to Server SFTP, SFTP Server using the SSH protocol where authentication and authentication is done (e.g. username and password) will be in the encrypt, anyway be more secure dong?, well by the time you guys sent, Let's say the mengopy file from the pc you guys to server SFTP, SCP si it will encrypt data that you copy it, just like that.

So Yes if it was concluded that SFTP file transfer method, similar to FTP, but it uses the SSH protocol, and for the security of its it security from using SFTP SCP, yes like that deh according to what I read, if there are faulty or the one that got all sorts of , can be discussed in the comments field.

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