Linux Terminal for Windows

If you frequently use linux would have been familiar with the command line in a Terminal such as a cd, mkdir, ls, mv, paint etc. Now you can use the command in the Command Prompt Windows you with the help of Cash Shell. To run the windows Shell Cash you must be installed the Node .js. Now for the commands available in a Cash Shell that is: alias, cat, cd, clear, cp, echo, export, false, grep, head, kill, less, ls, mkdir, mv, pwd, rm, sort, tail, source, touch, true, unalias. Here's how to install a Cash Shell

Install The Cash Shell Windows
First you have to install Node.js file like the description above. You can download the Node.js at the following link Download Node.js file and download the latest version of LTS, and then install it on your computer.

Then open a Command Prompt (CMD) and typing commands
npm install cash -g

Wait until the process is complete.

If you have finished typing the command "cash" in command prompt then it will switch to a Unix Shell

If you are still confused with the linux command line, you can see what each of his command by way of typing
help name_command
example : help mkdir

Indeed the command contained in the "Cash Shell" is still a little bit, but the developer will continue to add and expand it. You can do a command request which will be in Cash Shell direlease

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