Safari for Linux

Easy to install the safari browser in linux ubuntu
The Safari browser can run with nice although need to install wine, to then install the new version of safari windows. Incidentally also the safari browser is free alias can be downloaded and installed by anyone without registration. in fact, but unfortunately only safari is available for Mac OS and Windows, while that under linux there is no, but there are still wine and winetricks. Here's how to install safari on ubuntu, via the terminal not because of anything but more convenience for writing it:

1. Make sure the already installed wine, if not there then you can perform the installation by way of typing the following commands on your terminal.
sudo apt-get install wine

2. Download winetricks also by way of entering commands on your terminal as below.

3. Install winetricks through your linux terminal
sh winetricks corefonts

4. Download the Safari browser for windows from Apple's official website

5. On your terminal, navigate or navigate to the results directory download the safari browser installer, an example of his "remond@root-laptop:~/Downloads$", and is open through the wine with the command below.
wine SafariSetup.exe

6. Install the safari browser and make sure not to choose the "bonjour for windows" and "automatic update of his safari"

7. The installation is complete, and now it can use safari browser through the "Applications -> Wine -> Programs -> Safari -> Safari".

8. Safari will crash because of its message, but the animation after the window closed has been running well again.

9. Open a new tab it will also crash, to eliminate his can be arranged through the safari preferences, in the category of "General", set "New tabs open with:" select or navigate to the option "Empty Page".

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