Shutdown Linux Command the First Way

How to Shutdown and Restart Linux Via Terminal
Actually all it could do to restart or shutdown your computer without having to do the theory or way to describe, but there is the easiest way to shutdown the computer and do it quickly without having to wait for computer displays a message Finally a long time to wait for him.

There is no harm if you're using a Linux basic commands can be performed through the terminal without having to also with many commands, again me explain linux command that nothing hard just need a little logic and user Patterns you can the hang of it. Here I will explain how to how to do a Shutdown and Reboot a Linux computer via terminal.

Shut Down and Reboot a Linux Computer

Shutdown The Computer
Linux is actually providing some way to shutdown the computer safely. The process shut down usually can only be done by root. Display the shell prompt for the root is different to a normal user. Just look at the example I show the shell prompt on the following.

This was a feature of the # symbol if You have logged in as root. Type one of the following commands to perform the shutdown the computer. I give an example on Linux Centos but basically all are no different in linux commands please you try with the following command individual commandments themselves.

1. Type command

2. Type command
shutdown -h now

3. Type command
init 0

Reboot The Computer
Not much different from the way the shutdown as above, reboot or restart the computer also must use root login. The user can still perform the reboot computer forcibly by pressing the key combination. Just try Linux has been set properly (this is your job as a developer of Linux), the process of rebooting the computer should only be performed by root. To perform a reboot of the computer use the command as follows:

1. Type the command

2. Type command
shutdown -r now

3. Type command
init 6

Basic Linux commands actually others are still quite a lot. For the moment I limit it to here. So what have I gave can be controlled well. Linux command is to rule with a lot of practice and do the circling.

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