Teamviewer for Linux Debian

Actually it's a paid app, TeamViewer but users can just try it out for free on the condition only for non-commercial usage. Actually it was TeamViewer app for Windows, but can be run on Debian Linux using the Wine emulator. Fortunately TeamViewer already provides the installer ".deb" which seems to be already equipped with Wine.

His installer can be downloaded from the website of TeamViewer, free. In addition to Debian or Ubuntu, there is also available a ".rpm" installer for distro, Mandriva, Fedora and OpenSuSE. If you are using distributions in addition, just download the ".tar.gz". In Debian 64 bit, before installation make sure the package dependencies used to be here is already on the system.


If no, please install with the following command:
aptitude install lib32asound2 lib32z1libxext6 ia32-libs

Then install TeamViewer:
cd Downloads
dpkg -i teamviewer_linux_x64.deb

Make sure there is not error while installation process. Start TeamViewer from the menu "Applications => Accesories". We must accept the License Agreement to be able to use TeamViewer. First read the license and then click the "Accept License Agreement".

Congratulations your debian already installed teamviewer, to use it's for sure you are not dizzy anymore, you can just enter what is requested.

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