Teamviewer for Linux

How to install teamviewer on linux
TeamViewer is an application that could connect a computer with an internet connection from a distance, usually teamviewer people used to give tutorials directly, and is called remote, with few features course for support activities remote resources that do, you guys are okay and need a tutorial? This tutorial I can blog from kang anher and last I experienced an error when install artchitectur command just adds to it, because I use linux 2.0 times there, OK follow the tutorial below:

1. download teamviewer with file extensions ".deb" at in here temviewer
Select to base ubuntu or debian linux 32/64 Bit Multiarch, if already downloaded perfectly time the installation process.

2. open the terminal command line
sign in with user root and when this command in terminal:
dpkg -i teamviewer_11.0.53191_i386.deb  

3. If an error you must input this command one by one and try the install again with the above command (usually because of different bits:
dpkg --add-architecture i386

and then update with the command completed
apt-get update

4. and run this command in the terminal
dpkg -i teamviewer_linux_x64.deb

5. In the event of an error, we can force with the following command:
apt-get install -f

And if there is still an error, disregard it because of the successful terintsall teamviewer on linux you guys, to open and run the teamviewer you can wear this way for debian or ubuntu, run teamviewer just open a terminal and type the following command :

TeamViewer will respond and open the application in which the familiar when using it in windows.

Application teamviewer any successful terintsall on linux.

Review about teamviewer:
When the installation is fairly easy but with the error we are confused as to how to troubleshoot a failed installation teamviewer, and requires us searching, and there is an error when any successful installed makes us not sure if terintsall truly perfectly or not, with the above tutorial I sent, ignore if there is an error so you relief.

Fitting first tried accepting remote connections by dissecting my teamviewer is running smoothly and the whole matter in a seamless remote desktop.

As for kendalah I felt when I opened the chat and browsers such as firefox, I can't input text and typing in the chat free, perhaps because altrenatifnya must minimize the browser open, still in trouble? try open gedit, for altrenatif chat is running, if you have a solution for this chat problems please comment, because it is very useful.

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